Dear Lynn Community,

We are a couple of young professionals and college-age millennials born and bred in Lynn who wanted to see residents and community members in Lynn have a platform to feel heard and celebrated. We want to see the city we love reflect those who we hold dear to our hearts and respect. We want to set a stage for everyone to show their love for the city, in their own way, with no hoops to jump through, no questions asked (maybe a couple of forms to keep track), while also displaying the network of community relationships and resources we can and have always counted on. 

After the succession of our new Mayor, Thomas McGee, and the success and excitement of Beyond Walls’s first Mural Festival, we young people saw an opportunity to help build a platform for the community by bringing artists, educators, performers, and other role models in our lives to congregate, connect, collaborate, and celebrate. Voices of Lynn is a community initiative that would only like to exist for as long as the community wishes this initiative to continue, because we, the VOL committee, believe this is an initiative only the community of Lynn should build & reflect. We are yours! 


Voices of Lynn Commitee